Offering a professional, premium service, Stark Drilling endeavours to lead the way in results for our Clients. Through unparalleled sampling procedures and quality control, we have been able to attain results that our competitors were not only unable to match but also previously deemed impossible.

Our specialty lies in Reverse Circulation Drilling and Air-Core and this service should not cost you the world! Moving into the future, we know that in order to expand, you must first learn to conquer. We incorporate into our pricing the need for any specialty equipment and tooling required to obtain these results so that you can be sure, when we arrive, we are prepared.

Down-Hole Deviation is a critical factor leading to the success of a project. Directional RC and hole retrieval are quite often shunned away from but at Stark Drilling, our aim is to prove that this is possible and achievable. Utilizing industry leading technology, we have been able to not only cease the requirement for external survey and logging services but also drastically reduce deviation issues.