Our Fleet

Starting from fresh can be very daunting though Stark Drilling believes that this is also the most critical stage where healthy and productive cultures need to be instilled and adopted by all staff. We always ensure that our equipment is 100% operational regardless of cost so that our Staff and Clients can be assured that the working environment is free from Hazards or potential mechanical Issues which lead to costly downtime and budget blow-outs.

Having undertaken a full rebuild in September 2017, Rig 01 is perfect for most projects (RC and Air-Core), with a drilling capacity of 300m+ @ 4 ½” and 350m+ @ 4”.

Fitted with a KL Rod-Handler, Automated Break-Outs, Hands-Free Pneumatic Spanners, Survey Winch, Rig Mounted Cyclone/Cone-Splitter, Fire-Suppression and optional fitment of On-Board Booster, Rig 01 has a very small footprint (requiring smaller drill-pads) with a large Production output. Backed up by an 8X8 Tatra w/Bulk Fuel and Water, 3T Hiab, Access Ladders, Additional Drill Rods, Hydrocarbon and Drill spares storage, it is highly mobile and ultra-reliable and very economical to operate.