Client History

In the relatively small period that Stark Drilling has been operating, we have managed to obtain, complete and secure ongoing contracts with a broad range of Clientele. By not limiting our location or the commodity we are searching for, we are confident that as our Company and workforce expands, our list of satisfied Clients will do so as well.

Completed Projects

  • Northern Cobalt (N27) – Woologorang Station Project (N.T.) – Cobalt
  • Lithium Australia/Pioneer Resources – Sinclair Project (W.A.) – Lithium/Sesium
  • FYI Resources – Cadoux Project (W.A.) – Alumina
  • Lepidico – PEG9 Project (W.A) – Lithium
  • Ascot Resources – Wonmunna (W.A) – Iron ORE
  • CSA Global – Consultant Project Services (W.A)

Stark Drilling has proven that we are very adaptable and competent in a varying range of commodity drilling in some of Australia’s most remote and hostile environments.

Since its conception, Stark Drilling has an enviable list of Clients who demand and are being delivered High-Quality Sample Recovery and Consistency as well as a safe work environment for both Stark Employees and Client Representatives.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials